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Oh, Jae was alive. Therefore, Em didn't kill anybody. Boring. This meant she was nothing more than a weakling who didn't get her ticket to go home.

She thought about it. The people who already killed were the threats she had to fear, it was the people who had killed no-one that she had to be scared of.

They didn't have to one-way ticket to head by home. Lucky for them, there were still a bunch of people that needed to die for one to go back home.

As horrible as it sound, perhaps it was the class president that was the biggest threat in the room: the most unpredictable one. That titled used to go to Dot, hands down. Nobody expected her to kill Iz. Most people must have seen her an easy kill, a girl that scrapped by due to her friends and luck.

They were wrong. She had a chance to win just because of one kill. She smiled again. She could go back home, it was an interesting concept.

She shook her head, letting the smoke that built up in her brain escape through her ears. Her mind wasn't clouded anymore. She saw clear and said it all.

"Okay so it goes a little like this! So like I was searching for Lucilly in the asylum and like I heard gun shots and all so I went to investigate. There, I found Iz so I stabbed her in the back. I was like one of the last person to hurt her so I didn't see everything but she was like mangled."

She continued.

"Then like I tased her when he was on the ground and, like, you know those things were like in science? They are steam-water-volcano thingy. Like, hum, geyser of blood! Yup it was that and she liked spat it everywhere. Kinda gross if you ask me, heh."

What else happened after? She bit her lips and crossed her arms.

"Oh and I cut the bitch's head off."

She smiled as if she said a joke she was the only one to understand.

"It's on the shoreline or whatever. I left it there after someone tried to gun me down, that sucked bee-tee-double-u."

She scratched her nose and she realized her fingers were caked in blood. Oh, so that's why it tasted like copper when she bit her nails.

"Oh and I got in a fight in the cafeteria but I am not sure if it was a dream or not so take that with a pinch of salt."

Dot started to sway her arms softly, her blade grazing her thigh. She felt restless and wanted to be reckless. She wanted to do something dumb and end that feeling of emptiness.

"So, Jae. I'm going to assume you killed the girl since you are still alive. She had it coming or...?"
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