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Well, such a treacherous feeling.

It had been often that Fiyori woke up after a wild night of doing something (that something usually obscured by foggy and broken memories), but feeling fairly fine. That was, alas, a trick. She'd open her eyes and she'd wonder how much she drank and she would be joyful and grateful for how good she was feeling.

Then she'd step out of the bed, and suddenly everything hit her at once.

Granted, she wasn't stepping out of any bed. It was the sound of Danya's voice that startled Fiyori and threw her off the stool. Her head hurt, not because she fell, and her body fluctuated between being dominated by nausea and being haunted by shivers. Had she a bit more of a clear mind, Fiyori would have probably cursed her habit at first. But then - again, had she a clear mind - Fiyori would realize that there was more to it than being hungover.

Drinking decades-old booze wasn't very bright of an idea.

Either way, the contents of the announcements interested her little. Surprisingly little, except the dropping of four names. Jeremy and Caedyn. Georgia Lee and Blair.

Not that she was surprised, or did not knew respectively, but she was still sure to repeat the names for herself, as if trying to memorize an important fact. Still, even after the announcements had ended, Fiyori was lacking motivation. She had a plan, vaguely, sure - something about finding Brendan first, but for the moment... uh, for the moment she would need fresh air and a bucket.

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