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Whether by skill or pure and utter fluke—definitely fluke—the three of them were able to just about staunch the bleeding. What wasn't nearly so encouraging was the fact that Georgia Lee was still very much in-and-out, and to call what moments of consciousness she had 'in' was probably being over generous. Rainy wasn't out of the woods yet; she needed proper medical attention, not a desperate patch job on the floor of a condemned building.

When all you had was a hammer...

Slender consolation prize; they'd managed to talk Olivia out of freaking. Momentarily. Sure, she still seemed as if she might crack at any given moment, but the same could be said for all of the rest of them. A relaxing trip to the day spa this was not.

Blood was still everywhere, and Enzo didn't have the first idea where to start on cleaning it up. Moreover, there being so much of it just got them even more worried for Georgia. That was an awful lot of blood to lose. Stemming the flow was all well and good, but it wasn't going to help much if most of it had already evacuated. Even so, giving Rainy the opportunity to rest was the best they could do for her right now.

Enzo hated that. There should have been something. Instead they just had to sit here and hope that it was enough. A thousand and one possibilities went racing through their head. What if this area was made into a dangerzone? What if they had to move? What if someone came along and they needed to run away?

Enzo swallowed it down. Letting a tide of anxiety overwhelm them like that wouldn't help anyone. They had to keep doing what they'd been doing, keep their head in the game. They'd lost Blair and Alba for the time being (unfinished business there) but hey, glass half full, they'd found Coleen. Major bonus there.Sure, she'd then nearly shot them but-

Glass half full. Not spilled on the floor.

Olivia took watch. Kinda novel, kinda nice, to have someone to keep an eye on things again. Enzo tried not to think about what had happened last time they'd been around others and snoozed.


'Course, when they woke up to their shoulder being shaken.

Enzo blinked, blurry eyes, had to retrieve their glasses from where they'd gone askew, hanging off their ears sideways.

"You're kidding me," they unfurled themselves from the chair, rapidly shaking their head. "She's hurt, she can't have gone far."

They bit down on criticising Olivia, wouldn't help, but the heck would you offer to stand watch and then ask the sleeping person where someone may have gone?

Crap, Rainy, why would you do that. Enzo went out to the door, looked left and right. No sign. Nothing close.

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