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"Not a smoker. Gotcha."

Smoking inside was probably a bad idea anyways. She'd been doing decently well without cigarettes, and she was beginning to think that the stress of being stuck on Spiderland was enough to distract her from feelings of withdrawal, but for whatever reason that explanation didn't quite sit right with her.

Oh, and her parents would know she smoked by now. That was probably one of the least of her worries, given that she couldn't go home again.

Or could she?

No, no, it wasn't worth the thought. She hadn't considered it in the days she'd been there, and she wouldn't start considering it now.

Al had gone to look over at the posters.

"Might as well start putting those up now," she remarked, and walked over, looking over the posters one last time.

Wait, did we ever grab tape?

At some point during the day, Lili scratched out Kizi's name on the list.

By the time Lili was done putting posters up - two inside (commandments and a general purpose statement) and three in the hallways, with a few more left over, it was early the next morning. She hadn't slept - it felt almost like she forgot how. She'd lost track of Al, stopped caring what it was he did. Now, she was just waiting for her friends to come back. Lili sat on a barren table, her feet kicking back and forth like a metronome.

All she could do was hum to herself. Off key, too, to annoy Al.

That'd get him back. That'd get him back good.
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