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Hazel looked down, not meeting Nate or Jordan's eyes. Tension was building up in her throat and chest like a web of string was being drawn closer and closer, tightening around her upper body. She felt cold suddenly, though that might have been because the sun was rapidly sliding downwards and a purple-ish dimness was setting in behind it.

She squeezed Nate's hands hard, not paying any mind to control the pressure. She squeezed as hard as she felt she needed to, shaking just a tiny bit.

"I'm going to have to ask you to stop," she said softly. "Stop," firmer this time.

Hazel bit her lip and tried to take a deep breath in order to release some of the tension building up in her body. The exhale was slow and ended in a hint of a girlish sigh. She let go of one of Nate's hands and pushed herself up back into a standing position.

"He's not coming and it's getting dark. It's not safe out in the open like this."

((Hazel Jung continued in Gift for the Darkness

Hazel started walking, not letting go of Nate, biting her lip so hard that a small trickle of blood slipped down her chin.
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