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Brendan took in everything that Alba was telling him in silence. And it was a lot to take in. What Alba had gone through was a lot worse than what he been through. At least he believed she did. Kaitlyn had forced her into making a choice. She forced Alba to shoot her in a very dire situation. Like she wanted Alba to end it for her and to force her to face this brute reality. How was he should to feel about that? It was breaking his heart that Alba was feeling like she was a bad person for what she did. She wasn't. Brendan didn't believe that she was a terrible human being. What could he even say to her to make her believe that she wasn't that?

Brendan stepped closer to where Alba was sitting and he knelt down in front of her, not caring about the filthy floor. He then looked her in her eyes and he was trying to not feel so down for her. He wanted to make things better for her. But he had to try to think of how he would word things to her. How could he change her opinion about herself?

"Alba, you are not a bad person. I.... I know that Kaitlyn was your friend but she forced you into shooting her. She did shoot at you first so what you did was in self-defence. I'm sorry if that sounds pretty harsh from me of all people to say." Brendan said to her, feeling like he was just making things worse. "I think that this situation got to Kaitlyn by the sounds of it. Maybe she wanted you to end it for her in her little twisted way, Alba. Maybe she wanted you to understand that everything that's happening to us is some sick fantasy for a bunch of depraved low-lifes who have nothing better to do than watching teenagers kill each other. I don't know."

Brendan let out a small, tired sigh.

"You're a better person than me, Alba. I stabbed Jerry to save Nancy Kyle. Fucking Nancy Kyle. And I hate myself more for it. I killed Bernadette because I couldn't handle her wanting me to go away. I didn't want to get abandoned by my best friend and for that, I took it out on her and she ended up dying because I was that selfish of a person. And I didn't even realize it until Jon woke me up to the truth!" Brendan's voice had gotten louder with anger boiling through him and he glared down at the ground in front of him, shaking a little. "I'm the bad one, not you, Alba. Sorry for yelling like that. I'm just so tired of it all."
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