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Alessio just stood there and thought and recaptured what exactly had happened the last minutes ago. Then, Lili returned.

Alessio shook his head.

"I'm no..."

Smoker. But he did not bother to finish. He hated his voice echoing the room. It was insulting to Kizi who just had died in front of them. He enjoyed the silence.

Lili meanwhile seemed oddly upbeat, despite her looking like she cried. She sang. It was silly for Lili to do that, but Alessio tried his hardest to not judge her for doing that crazy stuff. It was fine.

Alessio was not sure if it was the tone of her voice or himself feeling to so hated, but he guessed a thing. Lili did not like him.

He should leave Lili alone, Lili probably needed time for herself. So Alessio moved towards the table with the posters and read them more thoroughly.
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