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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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"Okay, let's go," Alba said.

A few minutes later, Alba and Brendan were in one of the dorm rooms. They had moved a desk under the door knob, blocking anyone from coming in. Alba sat on the old bed, her hands cupped together in her lap. She kept her gaze down to her lap as well. She found it hard to look Brendan in the eyes right now. She was confessing to a murder she committed, but she found it quite hard to look her friend in the eyes and explain it. She resolved to speak loudly, clearly, and honestly about what had happened.

"Alright. Here's what happened..." she began.

Alba breathed in, then out.

"I found Kait by the cove. I was so happy to find a roller derby teammate here. Sure, she had killed someone, but Kaitlyn deserved some fair treatment. Innocent until proven guilty, y'know. Well, at least as it applies here. And everything started fine. We were just chatting, catching up on what happened, and it all made sense to me. I thought Kaitlyn would be cool and could help me find you guys.

"But then she turned. She pulled a crossbow on me and forced me to play a game with her. She gave me a gun and took me into the cove. She wanted to play a game; one she called 'High Tide'. It was like Chicken, but with sea water. We had to sit in a cave pointing weapons at one another and if one of us tried to flee, we had to shoot that person.

"It was so horrifying; standing in a dark cave as cold water flooded in. But Kaitlyn was excited. She was smiling the whole time and enjoying it. It was like she was in some other world. She was happy that she was about to drown, and she didn't care how foolish the whole thing was. She was living in the moment, and nothing else mattered.

"Finally, the water was getting too high, and suddenly, while Kaitlyn was making a really bad joke, she got really mad and shot at me. She missed, but I flinched. I hit the trigger and shot her. I shot her several times with the gun. And if you could believe it, she was still smiling. She was coming at me smiling and congratulating me. I swam out of the cove, but she didn't come out. I shot and killed my friend.

"I know I didn't mean to kill her, and I know I wouldn't have done it if I wasn't put in that situation by her, but I still feel guilty about it. I've chatted with a few others about it since then, but I still can't stop thinking about it. God, everything's going wrong. I killed Kaitlyn, then Jeremy died sometime after I met him, and then Blair shot Georgia for no reason. Everything fell apart so quickly."

Alba looked up at Brendan. Tears were falling down her cheeks.

"Brendan...I don't want to believe I'm a bad person, but why do I feel like one?"
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