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Brendan stared back into her eyes and he nodded his head slightly. She wanted to tell him what happened and he was willingly to listen to her. He wanted to be a good friend to Alba. He had to at least do something right for a change. He also was curious to know what happened between Alba and Kaitlyn. He was thinking that it must have been a terrible experience for Alba to have done through.

Brendan still had his arm around her and he didn't move it away. He wanted to hold her for a little bit longer. "Sure, sure. Uh.... I agree. I think it would be better if we can stay in one of the rooms here." He commented as he looked around and he felt a little paranoid, hoping that no one would turn up. "I suggest that we should barricade the door as well. If we can find anything to block it with."

Just make sure not to break down in front of her, Brendan.
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