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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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In Ty's experience, there were only two reasons you decided to look for somebody out here. He'd done both of 'em, so he wasn't real sure which side of the line Clarice was on. She seemed calm, not all riled up like he'd been. But how could you really know anymore? The name "Scout" wasn't ringing any bells, but he'd only kept track of a couple names over the loudspeakers. Clarice was hurt on more levels than he was by now, at least near as he could figure it. No telling how many people were wrapped up in that.

"Nah," he echoed, "we haven't run into anybody like that." But the rest of what he wanted to say hung in his throat. They'd just found each other and it seemed like they were getting along. Somebody he cared about, really cared about, was around for the first time in days. Was he really gonna fuck that up by pushing at her?

"Why're you looking for 'em?"

Yeah. Probably. Seemed to be about the size of things. If Clarice was on some kinda revenge quest, he had to know. Didn't know what he'd do no matter how she answered, but he had to know. Maybe he'd stop her, or help her, or just get a fucked up kinda relief knowing somebody else went to the same place he did. No matter which way you cut it though, he had to prod her to figure it out.
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