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As Coleen stirred, Olivia woke up. She woke up to daylight, and that was the first sign something had gone very, very wrong.

Enzo talking to her had really helped, it did. Georgia Lee needed to stay alive, and so that meant Olivia needed to stay calm, stay above the waves of panic. She could do it, she had to, had to for her. So, she tried. And eventually, she was able to convince herself that she could do more than not panic, that she could stay watch again, stay awake for the four of them. It made sense, she'd gotten a full night's sleep the day before, she could go a few more hours without. She could, she could, she had to.

And now it was daylight.

Oh god, she'd just rested her eyes for a bit, right? Just, her eyes, they felt so heavy, her eyelids, she could barely keep them open and it was dark, and she'd just leaned back against the wall to rest for a few more minutes, and it was daylight.

And the couch was empty.

"Oh my god."

She got up, looked around the room. Coleen. Enzo. Georgia Lee?

She would've been able to tell, if someone had gotten in here, kidnapped Georgia Lee. Or if Georgia Lee walked out. She should have felt it, should have been woken up the same way Coleen woke her up.

She crawled towards the couch. Looked at the coffee table. The TV.

No Georgia Lee.

"No. She was, I was..."

Asleep. And she was gone. No, maybe he knew, maybe Enzo knew. He had to.

She shook Enzo's shoulder. Looked him in the eye. Please, please know something.

"Hey, Enzo, sorry, so sorry but did you see- did you, uh, do you know where Georgia Lee went? Did you see her?"

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