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“Outside. Somewhere. Want the view.” Kizi felt whatever lucidity and eloquence she had slipping away. Her whole body was screaming in pain, an eruption of sorrow and agony in every fibre of her body.

It was intense. Too intense, really. The physical pains just...deafened her senses. Cancelled each other out. She knew it was there, but she couldn’t focus on it. Her side had been torn off. Her arm and torso had been...she didn’t want to look down. Her head wasn’t moving much anyway. But she could feel the damage.

Instead, all the little things, those were standing out to her. Acute. Sharp. Those were the things that were excruciating. Those were the things that were disconcerting her. And it was maddening that her vocabulary was slipping away. She could feel it. She could feel the words just slip away, into the ether, out of reach, forgotten for good. She couldn’t complain, really. Kizi had been able to talk, with passion and spirit, for quite some time after Al’s entrance. She had made the most of it. But then her body had realised what was happening.

She was…

Well. That was a word she wasn’t going to try and remember.

But it was inevitable now. The end. She’d left her mark. Redeemed someone. Made a plan. Created some hope. And, as if on cue, it was her time to leave. It was selfish of her to have asked Lili and Al to do one last thing for her. To take such a risk for her comfort. For luxury. But she felt that she’d deserved it. She wanted it. Didn’t exactly have the mental capacity left to debate it any further.

They carried Kizi. It felt like a while. She felt her body slowly begin to give up. Each breath was more laborious at first. But then her breathing became almost...leisurely. Relaxed. Like her lungs had accepted that there was no point in stressing, that hard work was futile, that half of her body had already given up.

She had to squint as the brightness hit her eyes. As the sea breeze glided over her skin, as her tongue tasted the salty sea air, as the sound of seagulls reached her ears.

She was outside.

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