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Quick quiz for you all:

You're on a beach with a bunch of people you don't necessarily know. There might also be other people nearby. You hear gunshots, so do you run towards the noise or away?

By the way, you might only have a few seconds to make your decision

Candice had not been so quick with her decision. If anybody had been shooting at her in particular, it would've probably been a big problem, but luckily that didn't seem to be the case. They might've been shooting at Brendan... well, judging from the announcements it wasn't like there might not be someone out for his blood. Or it was just some random nut and they'd opened fire on the people who were standing out in the open.

After everybody had disappeared from view, there was a moment where Candice had the crazy thought that she should follow after them too. She must've finally been going mad from being on this island.

I should go make sure nothing happens to Brendan.

Hadn't she just, not-figuratively-but-literally ten seconds ago been thinking that she was afraid of Brendan? And now that bullets were part of the equation she'd entertain the idea of going out of her way to involve herself on his behalf? What stupidity was that?


He might've done wrong, but I don't think anyone deserves to be killed here. We should try to save everybody.

Candice's thoughts might've been something like that.

It wasn't that she was being particularly noble. After all, the moment they'd been dumped on the island, everyone had probably had the initial reaction that they should cooperate. She wasn't special in that regard.

She had just failed to have naive thoughts like that knocked out of her.

She wasn't heroic, just stupid. And besides...

The most important thing...

Candice stood there thinking about how she should help Brendan out for only a moment before acting. There was no time to waste here, so she needed to hurry. She needed to move quickly.

She needed to get away from the fight.

Any old jackass can have thoughts about how everybody should get along, or about how they should put their lives on the line for everybody regardless of what they've done. But unless you actually do it, it doesn't count. That was what she was lacking. Then again, that was how she'd always been, wasn't it?

Like when she'd spent the better part of a week hiding away from people, because what if she couldn't trust them?

Like when she'd couldn't push herself to take action early on, because what if it got her into a bad situation?

And finally, right now, she was just straight-up running away. It was painfully obvious what her problem was.

"I'm a coward."

((Candice Banks continued in Rivers of Sadness and Mutual Need))
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