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Alba was starting to cry in front of him and it honestly caught him by surprise. Maybe it was because Brendan was normally the emotional one and he just never thought that Alba would break down like that. He would be crying along with her right then. But he didn't have the energy to do so. He had used up all his tears when he had been near Amanda's body. Everything was just getting worse and worse. Why has he even threatened Alba like that? He never thought that he would have it in him to say something so cruel and cold.

Alba was still sobbing in front of him and he was just standing there like a bumbling idiot. He had to do something for her. Alba had always been there for him when he needed her. And he wanted to be there for her. He took some steps forward towards her and he stared down at her, trying to think of something positive to say.

Brendan wrapped one of his arms around her, the one without the gun in his hand, and he pulled her into a hug against him. It felt so great to actually be holding her like this. "Hey, hey. Everything is going to be okay, Alba. I should have found you sooner before whatever happened with Kaitlyn...." He paused for a few moments and he rubbed her back gently to try to calm her down. "I'm sure that you have a reason for what happened between you two. I'm sorry for not staying with you, Alba. I thought that you were still with me and Fiyori...."
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