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"Good luck, though," Mel offered out the window. "Pretty sure they'll still be good people - better than hanging out with Jerry, anyway. And... yeah."

She trailed off. She'd spoken without thinking, and in the next moment had realized she'd served herself a reminder of where she had failed - or if not exactly failed, at least where she had fallen short of what she wanted.

Nothing much. Just a stray thought about Astrid. Things they could have settled, one way or another. Words she could have said. At least with Sandy she had only left the distance that had grown between them unbridged. She could assume the conclusion, if they'd just been given the time. With Astrid, it was like kicking a soccer ball but never getting to see where it came down.

It was a pretty bad analogy. Aiden was the one who'd know about soccer balls coming down in the wrong place, if he hadn't suppressed that memory by now. She'd keep it. It was good for a laugh, and she'd need a laugh probably sooner than later.

There was no one left for her to find. Bart might at least get some closure. If he did, it wouldn't really matter to her. If he didn't, it wouldn't matter either - so she'd just stick with hoping for the better of the two.
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