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Minor scumread on Kermit for this post:

So, Toxie's town then, I guess.

and this post:

Uh, oh! Possibly meaningless speculation ahead!

Note that this is all assuming that the reapers are the/a scum group, though I'm like 90% sure they are because of
Decoy at the end of the first post
let's kick those Reaper bastards to hell.

Okay, so reaper indoctrination is a pretty important thing in the games, which I'm thinking means there's someone who can switch a townie to scum (I don't think the ability'd have more than one use. It'd be too overpowered). With Toxie starting the game as a confirmed townie, this means that scum could easily get a confirmed townie on their side. Post day-1, we should keep a close eye on any confirmed townies, at least until the (maybe nonexistent) scum-converty-person is dead.

Both just sorta reek of trying to be seen as helpful without adding anything super constructive to the conversation. The first post is blatantly stating the obvious (which is why I posted the Speedwagon picture, by the way - I wanted to say "you're stating the obvious" in a fairly jokey manner) and doesn't offer any new information or opinion on the fact that Toxie just got confirmed. The second is flavour speculation, which is... honestly really pointless at this stage in the game when we don't know anything about how the mafia team works and just sorta feels like its trying to look like its helpful/pull discussion elsewhere.
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