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(Benjamin Lichter continues from Z3 ROADSTER FOR SALE)

All things considered, Ben had had a good night's sleep. It hadn't been as comfortable as the night before, but it was significantly better than the ones before that.

The day before he and Wade had done two things, mostly: 1) They had tried (and failed) to fortify the warehouse, and 2) they had talked some more. There wasn't anything else to do, after all. Ben had gotten more and more convinced that his decision had been the right one after all, even if it wasn't “right“ in the right sense of the word. The moral one. Technically, at least. Ben felt doubts about how immoral holding onto friendship could be, though.

It was with this upbeat attitude that he had gone scouting the mext morning, boot in hand and bag over his shoulder. He wasn't being especially careful, since he had his boot and the chair leg, and if it came down to it, he could run. Run towards Wade, so that they could face the danger together.

Ben still felt elated that he had managed to find a friend. Someone he could rely on.

Speaking of facing danger... Ben frowned. He couldn't remember if Wade had a weapon or not. He couldn't remember Wade mentioning he had one. And if he met somebody while unarmed... Ben felt briefly worried. Maybe he should go and give Wade the chair leg, just so he had something, at least. Ben would still have something - his boot - and he'd feel safer if he knew Wade had a way to defend himself. He decided to just go and give Wade the chair leg; he hadn't gone very far, after all. He turned around, and started heading back in the direction he'd seen Wade go in.

When he found him, it was too late.

Wade lay on his back, his head caved in. When Ben spotted him, he didn't wanted to believe it. Didn't believed it. He mumbled "Wade?", then stumbled forward, repeating his name in disbelief. "Wade!? Wade!?! Wade!?!?! WADE!?!?!" This couldn't be-- it wasn't true, he'd just fallen or something, it wasn't-- he wasn't. Ben stopped beside his body, then fell to his knees, screaming in anguish. He'd just seen him! How could this have happened? He grabbed Wade by the shoulders and shook him. "Wade!" he shouted. "Wade!" He couldn't be-- wait. Heartbeat! Ben lowered his ear to Wade's chest, then held his breath to silence his sobbing.

Nothing. He moaned, and started crying hard. He raised his head, then looked at Wade's face, but the way his head was dented and bloody only made him feel sick, so he turned looked away again. He staired down at Wade's body, firmly aware that if he hadn't gone, hadn't left Wade alone and without a weapon, he might still be alive.


He sat by Wade's body for a long time. On his knees, looking down at the body of the boy who he had known for such a short time, but who he would never forget. He stopped crying after a while, but he stayed where he was, thinking. Remembering. Hating himself again.

Because he had been selfish. Wanting to cherish the friendship that he had found so unexpectedly, while not doing his best to help the one who gave it to him. He had had a plan, a plan that might have saved Wade, had he just gone and done it yesterday. Wade hadn't even known about it - Ben couldn't talk about it, or else the terrorists might know what he was up to. But in hindsight, it still felt like he had betrayed him, somehow, by not telling him.

But no more. As far as Ben knew, he still had one friend left on the island, and there were plenty of people who were good and deserved to survive. He owed it to them, right?

He weighed his options. If it worked, he would have saved them, if not...

Well, then he died. That fact still scared him.

But then again, if he didn't do anything, he would die anyway.

He made his choice.

(Benjamin Lichter continues in The Feather of Truth.)

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