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Matt drew his pipe back. It had some blood on it, though not much. He looked down at what he had done - he had nothing to say. No gloating, no quips, nothing. There was nothing to be said about this. He didn't know Wade very well. He decided to enter Wade's life via a lead pipe to the face. This was the beginning and end of their relationship. The pipe, slowly, slunk back down to Matt's side. He looked around, wondering if anyone had seen him - any cameras.

He didn't figure there could be cameras everywhere. Maybe he had gotten Wade in a blind spot - no one would ever know. No one would start coming after him for randomly killing someone who wasn't doing anyone any harm. Better me than anyone else, Matt thought. Better me than some psychopath who tortured people to death.

Slowly, he ambled over to Wade's corpse and started to wipe the pipe off on his shirt. He took a closer look at what he had done - caved his skull right in. He rubbed the place where Wade had hit him in the chest, glad that he had put up some kind of fight. He could't figure out why, but the resistance made him feel better about killing Wade. He couldn't figure out why. The pipe was deadly. A lot deadlier than he'd expected it to be, all things considered. There was no knocking someone out with this thing, just beating them to death.

Matt stood up and looked around again. No one saw - he had to make sure of that. Quickly, he started walking away from Wade's corpse, making great haste to who knew where. Emptier places with less people to kill.

((Matt Moradi continued somewhere else.))
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