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Matt swung the pipe, expecting - hoping - that it would crush Wade's ribcage or something and just finally kill him. It wasn't that easy. It would never be that easy. The pipe managed to hit a whole lot of air as Wade, surprisingly, managed to dodge out of the way. Matt stumbled forward, the fact that Wade was actually fight back coming as a surprise to him. He wasn't expecting this. He definitely didn't plan for this, but beyond hitting him once and hoping that he'd be knocked out, what else was he planning for? For him to have a gun? For him to win?

He didn't have any plans for any of that. He didn't have a gun, at least he didn't think he did all he had to do was just turn around an hit him and he did seem to be WHGNINGGG.

Wade just socked Matt in the chest. Letting out a short gasp of pain, Matt started swinging his pipe again, this time aimed nowhere in particular. Lifting his pipe after getting a few glancing hits on Wade, the pipe came crashing down directly into his skull. Crack.

Slowly, Matt started to back away.
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