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Spin, turn around, there the assailant would be.. given the weight of the previous hit they're moving in to deal a lethal blow don't let 'em..

He distinctly recalled now. The author.. hadn't he laid it out explicitly once? All the species that he represented there had, vaguely speaking, the same proportions, body weights, etcetera, among other qualities as they had in real life.

There they are! It's a he, definitely - lifting his arm to swing - move!

Tiffany and most of the main cast were tigers, lions, big cats and whatnot - and that translated into something around six, seven feet tall and massed - three to six hundred pounds apiece - definitely on the high end for the protagonist.

the arm.. It feels like every move is unhinging it!

--His train of thought paused for a second as he rolled out of the way of the attacker's next strike, judging from the sound of the hit, it could have crushed his ribs right there and then. But then again--

Get up move start GETTING HITS!

--it wasn't just about their mass, although it played a huge role especially during hand-to-hand combat. It was also about the shape, grain, density of their muscles, the tendons, bone structure, everything. Plus, there was the fact almost all of them lived active lifestyles in every sense. Their hunter's sense must have been among the keenest possible, leaving aside those gag strips - and exercise, too, even just going off their builds. Taking all that into account, it was no big surprise..

he's surprised jump him now please!

..that, in the end, resistance instead of fleeing by most prey species seemed to be utter suicide, perhaps even while armed.

Wade didn't run at or leap at or anything else at the opponent other than simply trying to use all his limbs - good arm and legs, then just the latter - to propel himself as fast as possible in that direction, good arm braced to start punching.
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