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The minute - no, moment, no, the very instant he fully processed the rustling noise, the figure taking shape from behind that boulder he'd so dismissed moments earlier - Wade realized that he'd committed a grave error. A placid state of mind had been all it took to completely overlook a crucial error. He could've had the syringe drawn, he could've checked the boulder first and had the element of surprise and cover, he could've- and now a predator was-!!


For another fleeting second, his world was pain and his mind a cacophony. Reality crashing down and his thoughts became one gruesomely mixed combination. It was like someone took a sledgehammer to one end of his collarbone. Hurt like hell... this was how it would be. He was mistaken all along.. couldn't move that arm, it was broken.

No time to reach for the syringe. Just deliver fast, hard blows with your still good arm but where?! It was all a mess! The reality of being utterly, physically outmatched drove itself further and further in. This is what it would really've been like. All the scenarios, all the stories, all the fleeting thoughts he'd had about that desire for revenge were crushed. Deep, throbbing pain. It was as though his arm had been nearly hacked off by a meat-cleaver. But he could still think.

And about how, exactly, he was wrong... to begin with - as prey he would never have any chance. None at all. Not as the most common ones, in any case.

On the ground, utterly prone, pull it together and try to reassess.. the pain is so much..
2015: V6 Incident
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