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((Wade Cartwright continued from Z3 ROADSTER FOR SALE.))

A while later, Wade was back out in the open. They'd both decided to try and fortify the location a little bit, but found it nearly impossible. Those shelves were too heavy, and he could swear they'd risked pulling hernias trying to get that counter nowhere fast. There were plenty of blankets and sheets around that they could use. Tonight would be their best night on the island so far. Nice and nestled. Eventually, the sun moved downward in the sky, became redder, and he'd quietly agreed with Ben to take a few looks outside, just in case.

The breeze wasn't too bad this time, and the notably cloud-free sky made all the colors pop. It wasn't quite a picturesque view, the rotting buildings almost everywhere made sure of that, but it was as good as it got on this island as far as views went, Wade supposed.

Calmly and without making a sound, check every bush, every corner, every remotely teenager-sized obstacle because it could conceal a hostile. Everything felt more relaxed. Maybe he was just becoming more accepting of fate and death, or more likely yet just getting weary after all that vigilance the other days. Everything except the island and his thoughts felt like a distant memory.

Wait. Stop.

He'd forgotten to check a few angles just behind himself. A few medium-size bushes, a boulder. Nothing major, but he still tried to turn around to see what was behind them as fast as possible. Curses, curses, a little corner of his mind yelled.

It wasn't really likely there was anything. He'd checked this area a couple times previously, and there wasn't anyone lying in ambush. Not a few minutes ago.

So what were the odds? Cautiously extending an arm toward a bush, he'd have an answer one way or the other.
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