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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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At some point in time, the wounded girl had lost consciousness. It was the scariest moment since she'd been shot, and it seemed then and there that all of their efforts had gone to waste. Panic settled in, and the failures of the past started to grip Coleen's lungs before Enzo managed to determine that Georgia Lee was still breathing, likely passed out from stress and pain. Shaky hands and quivering breath went back to work, patching up a girl near death only so that she might live one or even two more days.

Coleen collapsed on one of the easy chairs with the spear for company, her fingers stained in Georgia Lee's blood up past the second knuckles. Her gun had since been tucked away in her bag, placed under her feet for safekeeping. Neither Olivia nor Enzo were going to attack her, she was sure. Such an assumption flew in the face of her usual tenants of playing the game as cautiously as possible, prioritizing her own survival first and foremost, but such tenants also assumed she was of sound mind and body... and Coleen was anything but.

She didn't even have energy enough to cry from the tremendous amount of stress she felt weighing down on her neck because everything was just so damned fatiguing instead. With the help of the others, they'd managed to place Georgia on the couch with pillows tucked under her leg; Coleen prayed she remembered correctly when she told the others that you were supposed to elevate the wound higher than the heart to prevent bleeding. She watched her injured friend sleep, hoping and praying that when this was all over, no matter how many hours it took, that the next morning might greet them with a waking Georgia Lee who smiled and said reassuring things and was a good friend. Everything would be back to normal.

Coleen convinced herself of the lie and drifted off, letting sleep place her life in the hands of those around her for the first time since Arthur's passing.

When she awoke, she found she was staring at a vacant sofa.

"... Georgia Lee?"
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