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Coleen had the right idea. Tourniquet, right. Why didn't Enzo didn't think of that? That was a great idea.

Whatever, whatever, not important, no time to get wound up about how useful they were or anything like that. GLD was there, and shot, and bleeding. Right now they had to do everything they could to make sure that the word out wasn't added to the descriptor.

Unfortunately, whilst Coleen was keeping a level head, or at least level enough to keep things steady, Olivia was most definitely not.

"Hey! Hey!" Enzo was crouched near Georgia, but was giving a respectable amount of distance. Crowding wasn't gonna help Coleen work. They snapped their fingers in front of Olivia's face. "Be cool! All right? Take some breaths. We're helping her. We are helping her. But you gotta calm down, okay? You gotta stay cool. Steady pressure, right? Steady. Breathe. We're gonna help Rainy through this, but you need to calm down." Enzo kept talking, and some of the shit, hell, they had no idea if it was right or not, but Olivia needed direction, even if that was just vaguely-plausible babbling. "You can do that, right? Keep it cool for Georgia?" they nodded in what they hoped was encouraging fashion. The blood was enough to make them want to freak out. Images of Cameron dying there in front of them flashed in front of their eyes.

Not the time. And not this time.

"We've got you, Rainy. You aren't gonna make a face this cute look sad, right?"

Weak humour, but their hands were on Georgia Lee's shoulders, and they were steady, Vinny was steady.

They didn't have this. But they could fake it.
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