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Ben was... dare he say... happy? It seemed so long since he'd felt like this, and even then it was undercut with the sad reality of their situation. Wade had had a tough time on the island too. And what's more, he had seen Irene before she died. They had talked at length about Irene.

Talking had done him good. All the strain of the past few days had come tumbling out, how scared he'd been, how he hadn't been able to find Maxim, how he missed being home, with a future that was uncertain, but still there, you know? He'd even touched on the thing that was most dear to him, how much he missed his family.

The strangest thing was, he didn't cry. He had drawn a few ragged breaths, but with all the crying he'd done over the past few days he had expected the floodgates to open as soon as he opened up. But they didn't. All he got was an ache in his chest, and a sense of warmth in his gut. The last part was because of Wade, he felt. He hadn't know him long, but through all the talking he felt he sort of knew him now.

...alright, an hour was a bit short a time to say that, maybe, but Wade did feel like someone he could trust.

He had done things diffferently than Ben. Apparently he'd joined a couple of groups, left them, and had heard that some of the members had died later on the announcements. Ben couldn't imagine how that must feel. He wasn't sure he wanted to, either. But for that, he was all the more thankful of the support Wade had given him.

Then Wade suggested staying there for the for the rest of the day, and maybe the night.

Ben didn't know if he wanted to do that. He had a plan, he should stick to it. And yet...If he was honest, the idea of him doing the plan now, it scared him. He knew that if there was something he had overlooked, if something went wrong, he was dead.

That which had convinced him to do it had been the small chance of it working, of him seeing his family again. That, and the idea of getting back at the terrorists for what they had done. To stop the madness, the senseless killing.

So why was he hesitating now? He had the chance to do the right thing, the smart thing.

And he wasn't taking it. Hating himself for it, he knew that as long as he had something to lose, he wouldn't be able to do it. Friendship, he couldn't just give it up. Talking with Wade had reminded him of that. Of what he still might have with Maxim, if he found him again.

He was weak, like he had predicted. And he knew he couldn't convince himself to act otherwise. He knew he was wrong, but it didn't feel wrong, somehow.

Dying with friends seemed preferable to dying alone.

So, after thinking on it, he answered Wade with: "Yeah, sure. That sounds great."

(Benjamin Lichter continues in Prey Empathy)
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