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Sandra didn't see anyone approaching them. She hadn't been facing the shooter, whoever they were. She only reacted when the boom echoed through, and she jumped, whipping around to the source of the noise, and she could almost barely making out someone running away, maybe.

No... that wasn't important. Bryony was faster, getting over to Alice before Sandra even fully realized what had just happened. Sandra moved, and she was beside Alice before too long.

Sandra took off her bag, scrounging through it for the first aid kit. After what seemed like way too long, she pulled it out, plonked it on the ground and opened it. She took the bandages in her right hand and then...

She froze.

She stared.

She had no idea what to do from here. She barely knew the first thing about first aid. She couldn't have even pretended to know how to treat a bullet wound.

"Oh, god... oh god oh god oh god..."
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