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Olivia grabbed the gauze pads and placed all her strength into them into stopping the blood, but Georgia Lee was flowing all over her all over the floor and-

oh god her eyes were still rolled back and oh god the moaning Olivia was hurting her hurting her make it stop and god

"Georgia Lee I'm so sorry oh my god please stay with me please please"

and she held on to her, held on to Georgia Lee as if her soul was dangling off a cliff, only kept above by fingertips which it was, nothing but fingertips because she was everywhere. on the floor, she was holding onto nothing but fingertips she was like a house of cards and oh god the cards the book of Ezra Pound she had was this what a life cost these days? a book and a non-existent deck of cards? oh god she didn't know and she was crying now and the tears mixed with her blood and it was dripping into her wounds and tears had salt and Georgia Lee was wincing and stop and oh god oh god maybe if she called upon His name enough He would pay attention and look and save her save her please.
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