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((Brendan Harte continued from We Wish To Inform You That Tommorrow We Will Be Killed With Our Classmates))

It should have been me, not her.

That was all that he could think of as he made his way through the hallway of the B block building and he was trying to keep an eye out for any movement. The announcement had just ended and he was honestly still feeling so helpless and emotional. Why was he still alive? Jonathan shouldn't have left him alive. Amanda should still be living in his place, not him. Brendan didn't deserve to live and breathe. Why did Jonathan give him a second chance? Was it to teach him a lesson? To make him suffer more? It was working....

And that only made him want to lash out. Take his anger out on someone who deserved it. Like Jae. Just hearing the way that he killed that girl made Brendan mad. He knew that killing whoever she was, was utterly wrong. But to shoot her when her back was turned? That was just so.... cowardly. Wow, he was being a hypocrite. He basically killed Jerry from behind as well. Still....

Brendan stared down at the revolver that was in his hand. It felt so weird for him to actually be holding a gun. He used to be afraid of them. So why was he not scared of holding this one? Maybe he was accepting that there was no way out of this. No escape for anyone. Only one person can go home.

Only one person can go home....

Brendan slowly down his pace as he was getting close to a corner to turn and he stopped walking completely. He could hear someone's footsteps, his heartbeat was starting to race more quicker, his grip onto the revolver tightened. There was someone coming. Was it a friend? Or was it another killer?

He couldn't take any chances.

He raised the revolver towards the corner and he tried to keep it steady. He had to say something. Would he try and warn them off?

"Who's there?!" He yelled aloud. "I'm warning you, I will not be afraid to put a bullet through your skull!"

That sounded a lot harsher than he had hoped for.

Their Time Is gone

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