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An easy answer. An easy opportunity. And at last, it finally started to feel as though he was getting into that 'groove' of life that more normal people seemed to adopt naturally.

"I'm Wade." Nice to meet you didn't seem appropriate.

In plain truth, there weren't many worse situations to say it. So he just left it like that.

More than an hour later...

Sitting down together on the cold floor, at a location that put them both somewhat at ease, they started talking and talking freely. It gave more of that pleasant feeling. They spoke of the lives they'd had. What they lost, desired, kept. Depressing stuff, but not nearly as hard-hitting as who they'd lost. There were so many regrets and little bunches of self-hatred there. Why didn't we? Should've... if only. It all stung, but not quite to the point that it drove Wade to tears or anything, just a deep pit of melancholy and self-flagellation.

It was best to leave that all behind. There was no point flogging themselves repeatedly for things that were out of their hands or couldn't see coming. Be practical, be real. The only people in the entire world they could help, at that moment, was themselves.

Deep sigh. Head low. "Anyway, I don't feel like heading anywhere right now. Wanna stay or something? I could take a peek later or tomorrow if you really want." Downcast expression softening. And beside, it would give him a useful task that might actually increase their survival odds in total. Fewer than half left, remember. Fewer than half... that gave hope.

A grim strain of it, to be certain, but still hope.

((Wade Cartwright continues elsewhere...))
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