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((Alba Reyes continued from Cast in the Name of God))

Alba rolled over in the bed and planted her feet on the ground. She hunched over, her eyes closed and a soft moan leaving her throat. The announcements had just finished, and she was already feeling quite crummy. Added to being on this island for a week with poor nutrition and regular anxiety, Alba was starting to feel a lot more emotionally and mentally drained. She stretched her neck to deal with the crick she had from sleeping, rubbing over the irritated spot with her hand. She let out a sigh.

She couldn't find Blair. Once again, she had run after someone, only for them to slip away from her. She even went back across the bridge, suspecting that Blair had gone that way. By the time she realized she wouldn't find Blair, the sun had set and she needed to find shelter. She went to the B dorms and locked herself in a bedroom. She had hoped that Enzo had helped Georgia, and that she'd be able to find them again tomorrow. There had to be something good to happen tomorrow.

The announcements told her otherwise. Georgia had died from her injury, and Blair was credited for it. Jeremy had also died, meaning that Blair wasn't able to help him with the people he was looking for. Worse, one of the people he was looking for had killed him. Now Alba knew Caedyn would be dangerous to stay around if she was killing her friends. Alba would have to remember that if she found Caedyn.

Bryony, Kimiko, Brendan, Jonathan, Candice, Blair, and Enzo were still alive, so Alba took note of that. Perhaps she'd be able to find someone on her list and things could get on track again. She had to explain her actions to someone and she needed to have someone tell her she wasn't terrible for what happened to Kaitlyn. More than half the abducted kids were dead at this point, so it would start to get harder to find anyone on the island, and most people left were killers, so she'd have to be careful around anyone she met.

"Well, I am a killer too, so people will probably be careful around me as well," Alba muttered to herself.

Alba stood up and stretched her back. There wasn't much time to waste. She had to be off. She could eat a protein bar while walking and call that brunch. Last night, Alba had transferred most of Kaitlyn's items into her bag, depriving the need for two bags. The uzi and min were tucked safely away, and Alba picked up the rifle. It had been weird, but the rifle was starting to become somewhat comforting in her hands. Maybe it's because she had more time with it and didn't get it by killing someone, but the rifle was starting to become part of her.

Alba slung her bag over her shoulder and kept the rifle in her hand. She opened the door to the dorm and stepped into the hall. She was on a mission today, and she was ready to complete it.
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