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Okay. Things seemed to be looking okay. She wasn’t going to say it was anything more than that; “alright” was about as good as it got out here on the island, after all. But the other two seemed to agree that finding Alba was the most important task right now. They all had the same mindset and they were all working towards something together.

Yeah. Yeah, things were okay.

Bryony finished tying her hair up, and slowly moved her hands away from her now completed pigtail, hair gently buffeted by the slight breeze. She gave a couple of small nods.

“Okay,” she mumbled. It was all she felt she could manage now.

Briefly forgetting she had left it in the chapel, Bryony scrabbled around herself, searching for her bag, mentally facepalming when she remembered where it was. She placed a hand against the tree trunk to try and help herself stand up.

There was a sudden crack, as loud as thunder, and searing pain coursed through her icy veins as she realised instantly what the sound was.

She had heard, as she had wandered across the island, the sound several times before. It was unavoidable; without the hustle and bustle of traffic or the ever-present hum of machinery inside buildings to mask things, all other sound carried further on the small island. It had always been fainter, from way off in the distance, but whenever she had heard it, Bryony had flinched instinctively, the sound causing a Pavlovian reaction within her.

Gunfire. They had been shot at. And, as her heart felt like it was slipping into a yawning abyss, they had been hit.


All other thoughts fled from Bryony’s mind as she swung round, scrabbling the few feet between her and her friend, blood blossoming from her leg and staining the earth red.

“Alice, can-“

The world froze as Bryony took hold of Alice, and she looked down, and saw her own death bloom, spreading from her left hand.


"bryony and alba would definitely join the terrorists quote me on this put this quote in signatures put it in history books" - Cicada Days, 2017
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