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"Yeah." Coleen wiped her forehead with her sleeve to clear an itch, the gun falling to her side as she clutched it by the stock in her left hand. "Yeah, let me in, I'm gonna get to work." The adrenaline was trickling out of her and leaving her weary and fatigued, but the truth of the matter was that her heart still pounded and her muscles still wanted to shiver and shake from fear. This was a kind of fear that could never be reproduced by seeing a killer or having a gun pointed at you. She had already lost so many of her friends. Some of them right in front of her. She wasn't about to let Georgia Lee die, too.

Setting down her bag and dropping to her knees beside Georgia Lee's waist, Coleen wasted no time in unzipping her bag and retrieving the first aid kit that had been issued to her. It dawned on her how odd it was to be given a task to kill each other and how they were all expected to die, but were also granted the mercy of having a first aid kit... though, the assholes keeping them there clearly assumed they'd only be used for themselves.

Well, fuck you.

Coleen held up a tourniquet and stared at it pensively; she knew it could stop the bleeding which was the most important thing right now, but she also vaguely remembered some warning about leaving these on, where it could cause... blood clots or something, and Georgia Lee could lose her leg. "We have to remember to take this off," she muttered, ripping open the package and pulling the strip of cloth out. Once it had been fastened around Georgia Lee's leg (which took more cooperation than her ailing friend was ready to give, so it was a bit of a struggle), Coleen rummaged through her kit looking for gauze pads.

"I'm going to need somebody to hold these on," she said, chomping down hard on her lip. "I don't care who. Olivia. Take these and apply pressure. I'm sorry Georgia, it's gonna hurt..." she placed the gauze pads where they needed to go for Olivia, who she hoped could stop panicking in order to help out. Georgia Lee couldn't die. She wasn't ALLOWED to die.

Coleen felt herself draining.
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