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He put his shotgun down. He's coming toward you. Distracted. Run over to the shotgun, pick it up, and blow a hole through his chest. Now.

Instead, Lili hoisted Kizi up over her shoulders in a fireman's carry, and was almost sent tumbling backwards onto the ground. She managed to keep level, and started towards the door.

"I can do it," Lili said to Al, "Make yourself comfortable here. Might want to put the shotgun away, though. Just 'cause."

She made her way closer to the door, past the table with the posters on it. A quick glance over at what could have been, and what almost was, sent a cold shiver down Lili's spine. Almost made her drop Kizi.

"Where do you want to go, eh?" Lili whispered gently into Kizi's ear, "Bell tower, maybe? The bridge? Or just for a little walk outside?"

Lili was being eaten from the inside out, feelings of guilt and grief gnawing their way towards her brain. She didn't know who would collapse first, her or Kizi.

Dying together wouldn't be awful.
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