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Null sheen.
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What a partnership that had been.

'Ally problems!'

'Can we trust you?'

'I am very trustworthy!'

'Good cause we don't like shooting people!'

'Hey look a people!'


That wasn't funny.

Coleen had appeared out from behind the couch, and for a couple seconds, there was something genuinely scary on her face. Enzo didn't know whether it was anger or adrenaline-soaked fear, just that they'd never seen Coleen with an expression like that. They hadn't really known her as long as the other members of the band, but she was good people and Enzo considered her a friend. Plus, y'know, with everything that was going on Vinny still had that vested interest-

They were trying to distract themselves from the fact that Coleen was standing there with a gun, an assault rifle, which had been up to a couple seconds ago pointed directly at them. She stopped, but that wasn't super reassuring.

Honestly, not-very-frickedy-much was likely to reassure Enzo right now. Blair had given Enzo assurances. Blair was the one who'd told them that her and Alba weren't violent, and look how the hell that had turned out.

Fricking shooting someone and then ditching them.

Shooting... someone.


The realisation hit round about the same time the final person in the room—Olivia, her name was—started freaking out about it. Rainy was still there, still shot, and still bleeding.

They hadn't spoken since shouting at Blair. Cat had their tongue. Cat, or gunshy. One of the two. Enzo sort of just nodded at Olivia, glancing back to Coleen.

"Uh, yeah. What she said. They took off."

Enzo stepped inside the room, 'cause they were assuming that they were off Coleen's hook for the time being. They hoped so. That would be a stupid way to get shot.

Once again, though, they were in a spot where they had no idea what to do. Their experience of medical treatment consisted of trying to hold on to the gaping wound in the stomach of their best friend.

That was a cheery thought. Good job optimism.

Vinny peeled on over to Georgie Lee, crouched down alongsides. Blood. Whoohoo. They were definitely not into this. Especially not Rainy. Turned out, seeing your best friend shot and bleeding out didn't make it any easier when it was someone else.

"Hey, Rainy. Gonna take care of you, all right? Do what we can and... stuff."
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