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And Olivia just watched it all from her seat, words still stuck, two away from Coleen and one from Georgia Lee. She watched as the gun flashed, as Georgia Lee collapsed, as everything collapsed, as Coleen got her gun. She watched as Blair and then Alba ran, had the fucking gall to run from what they did. She watched, and all that she could think was that if they hadn't gone out to look for some cards, this never would've happened. They'd stayed in the cafeteria for hours, for entire days, and no one so much as even knocked on their door. And then they go out for a few hours for those cards, and they're locked out. Locked out of their sanctuary, in the wilderness, just for a day. And they go here, and now Georgia Lee, she's been shot in the leg, and all because of her cards, all because she couldn't live a few more hours without those cards, and, she had had Georgia Lee, she should have been content with that, but they left for her cards and now she was bleeding and it was her fault and no no no she was tired, she was tired of it being her fault, it was Blair and Alba and Enzo who came in here, Blair who fired the gun, Blair and Alba who just left, they left,

"They left," she answered. "They, uh, they left, they just, they went down there," and she stood up, walked past Coleen's gun towards the exit, "down the hall, they just left, didn't even look back, after what they did, they, they left and they shouldn't have they- they- COME BACK HERE!" and she leaned down the hall and screamed those words, and they bounced off the walls, down the hall, but they were long, long gone, not even in sight, and why had she only gotten the guts to stand up, to do something, anything just when it didn't matter, why did the blood only come back in her veins once they'd left, why did they leave because should've come back, they needed to come back, because Georgia Lee didn't even do anything and now she was lying there and oh god she was lying there.

And she rushed towards her, and her eyes were rolled back, and she was breathing, but she was lying down, not awake, not conscious, and oh god her jeans were so wet, so sticky, so much, and she looked towards Coleen and Enzo and they were just standing, walking around as if Georgia Lee had just gotten a paper cut and she wasn't even awake and she needed help and "help her help her help her."
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