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Checking his own supply, Wade was surprised to find much more than he expected at first glance. Thinking more deeply, however, it made sense that he hadn't been eating a whole lot. This stuff was largely tasteless, and over the course of the past week or so there had been nothing to stir up his appetite. Quite the opposite, in fact.

There was still an entire loaf of that integral bread stuff left, and he'd only eaten through about half of one of his tins.

Five and a half ration bars left. He distinctly remembered feeling so drained after hearing of the deaths yesterday that he'd stopped midway through chewing. Just exhausted, mentally.

It was a little dismaying, actually. He hadn't had as many opportunities to build up muscle as he could've. Then again, though... what was the rate of gain for a teenager under severe stress?

"I've got quite a bit more than that. What do you go for?"
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