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It wasn't like they weren't going to die anyway. If wasn't they wouldn't eventually die.

That was the only thing he could think of in reply to Nate, but probably also the last thing anyone needed to hear.

Maybe he wasn't worried about it because he'd come to terms with in long ago. That everyone was going to die and it was probably going to be senseless and wasn't really going to mean anything.

And didn't that mean every moment mattered all the more, to stave off that impending and suddenly much more imminent death.

But nope, he couldn't say anything like that. Far too conflict avoidant to say the first thing and too worried about sounding sappy for the second. He knew his his usual methods weren't working, and yet everything in his head was screaming at him to stay safe in his comfort zone.

"Hazel's right. Maybe let's... calm down and... and..."

His hands continued to gesticulate, but he had no idea what he was doing anymore.
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