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Nancy Kyle, Nancy Kyle, Nancy Kyle. You saved a murderer and you didn't even realize it, Brendan.

Brendan felt like Jonathan had just punched him in the gut with what he just said. Now he felt worse about everything that he did. He really was the bad guy and Jonathan was still talking to him but he couldn't even concentrate on the words he was saying. Brendan was the one who always ruined things for everyone. He never could do anything right. God, he really felt like he was better off dead.

Why wasn't Jonathan finishing him off? Why was he still alive? Why did he hate every fibre of himself? Why couldn't he just do it himself?

Because you are still a coward, Brendan.

"H-Heh....." Brendan couldn't help what was starting to come out of his mouth. He was laughing like a mad man. Jonathan had just made something in his mind snap and he was slowly feeling himself break down. He couldn't take it anymore. "HA, HA, HA, H-HA.... Hah.... Nnngk..... Nooo, no, no, no, no!!"

His laughter had turned into sobbing and he laid down on his side in a feeble position, balling his eyes out. Not caring that Jonathan was still pointing a gun at him. Not caring if the whole world was watching him cry like a baby. He didn't care about anything in that moment.

He continued to let out pathetic sobs. He couldn't even look Jonathan in the eye.
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