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[[Fiyori Senay, continued from I know exactly what I want and who I want to be.]]

Fiyori had slept surprisingly well. It might've been the developments of the day before - the dealings with Coleen and the final conclusion with Georgia Lee - that helped ease her mind. Or it might've been the alcohol.

In fact, given all facts present, it would be obvious for any and all to see that Fiyori had drank merrily, until her face dropped down and she slept through the night. Not the entire night, what deep and tight nonetheless. Not that Fiyori would blame the cider. She had a glass or two, though a more realistic description would be 'hearty chucks'. Not enough to make her go to sleep immediately, though granted, the happenings of the island might've changed her tolerance. Also, Fiyori suspected, the alcohol level stated on the bottles might not've been completely correct anymore.

Idle thoughts aside, Fiyori woke up fairly early. Had no idea why. The sun was barely rising, the announcements haven't come on yet. If Fiyori were to guess, she'd give it half an hour or so.

Fiyori had her arms slouched over the backseat of the chair she was sitting on. Her legs firmly on the ground, and her eyes firmly on the wall. There wasn't really anything to see.

There wasn't really anything to do.
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