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Oh, the cafeteria? That was worrying, in it's own kind, but a kind to be pondered later one way or the other. More pressing issues existed, and they did so quite literally. GLD fell, or she would have fallen, and slumped against Fiyori.

Fiyori grasped her foe's hair, wrapped the other around the smaller girl's back.

"Good reasons, huh? Yea, you had your reasons. I guess that's a way of seeing it."


"The point I am trying to make here is, that I have none. All that hostility, back in Kingman and what we have here, none of that is grounded in logic.

I have no reason to hate you.

And yet I do."

Fiyori started combing through Georgia Lee's hair. She smelled terrible. Or so Fiyori would have guessed. She didn't know. But she did knew one thing, and that was that she was - for once and one time only - truly content. To speak out the truth was liberating. She would not have thought it.

"Huh... hahaha, pretty nice to talk about your feelings for once. Don't you agree?"
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