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"Why? Good question, to be honest."

Fiyori met her former partner's eyes, or at least she tried the best she could do in the dark.

"My life is futile. I can change no thing, and I derive no pleasure. At least, that was my thinking. Being stuck with you in the library... and I guess, hearing the names on the announcements and the screams in the distance changed something.

All of a sudden, I felt a desire. I wanted to go out. I wanted to protect my friends and kill my enemies. I wanted to do something to change the world to my liking, but when I finally felt like taking action... Some cuntface held my goddamm glasses."

Fiyori stepped closer, felt her forehead colliding softly against GLD's scalp.

"So that's more or less why I stormed out of the library back then. I was pissed at you for robbing me of my agency. I started to craft an image of you. The image of a mighty demon I'd have to slay. And an image of me, a hero to save her friends.

I was proven foolish on both points."
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