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She shook her head. It was the only thing that she could do. For a brief moment a vision of a different future appeared before Fiyori. A world in which Fiyori pulled out the gun she had, pressed Georgia Lee against the wall and execute her with one shot. It would end her suffering before it was due to end, and worse yet, such an action would not express the 'truth' of her feelings.

It got a further chuckle out of her anyway. She leaned in.

"Close but no cigar. You cannot act not, you know?"

Fiyori waited for a few moments more. An opportunity for Georgia Lee to take in what she said. What would come next, Fiyori knew, would be a mouthful.

"As you might have guessed, my plans after graduation were more or less to just kill myself. And yet, despite having ample opportunity to get rid of my own life I am still here.

...because of you."

Fiyori cracked her knuckles. Thought a bit about what came next.
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