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Blair? Alright then. Fiyori was positively flabbergasted, but she could accept the answer for the moment. To see GLD being injured like this wasn't easy, not because Fiyori cared about the girl, but because it was such a crass contradiction of Fiyori's world view. Still, once they start making Thank-you cards for killing people you didn't like, Blair ought to get one. A nice case of chocolate and maybe wine too.

Fiyori chuckled again. Georgia Lee's misery was enjoyable regardless of anything else, and that was what mattered.

Aside from that, Fiyori was still curious. It had already confounded her to see Georgia Lee leave the cafeteria, but Fiyori felt asking her about this would be futile. Georgia Lee wasn't exactly the person you'd trust to have a coherent grasp on her own memory.

"Well, I am glad I got to see you anyway. There's something I meant to tell you."

She scratched the corners of her mouth. Dirt, dried blood and saliva had been collected over the days. It didn't annoy her, but she wanted to make sure her lips could move as free as possible.

"Actually, try to guess first, if you still can:

Why, Georgia Lee, do I hate you so?"
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