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It was surprising to see GLD in such a state. Somewhat of an unpleasant surprise, if Fiyori was honest with herself, but a welcomed situation regardless. Funny how these things worked.

[[Fiyori Senay, continued from Zum Glueck In Die Zukunft II]]

Fiyori leaned against the wall, one foot standing firmly on the ground while she had lifted the other to scratch her ankles. She heard the other girl right next to her mouth Fiyori's name, but she didn't react to that. Fiyori stared into the unclear and dark distance of the room, before finally mustering GLD's leg. It was then that she made noise. Fiyori chuckled softly.

Then, silence for even more seconds.

Georgia Lee continued to struggle, not particularly with standing up, or holding into the wall or something, but with keeping herself alive. Tough situation to start a conversation, but Fiyori had to talk about some shit one way or the other.

"Who? ...I mean, who wounded you?"
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