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Kimiko saw the door to the storage closet open as someone entered, although through all the junk that filled the room it was difficult to make out who they were. Still she gripped the gun tighter, grabbed her pack and slunk deeper into the shadows. Staying behind the shelves and using the shadows to hide her movements Kimiko circled around in an attempt to see who it was. As the door was swinging closed she recognised the face of Caedyn Miller. Kimiko knew she had killed someone but the circumstances of what had happened were unknown to her. The announcements gave her some idea but how much of what they were told was the truth was another question entirely. The terrorists controlled information in much the same way China and North Korea had been known or were still known to do.

As she Kimiko watched Caedyn the door opened slightly as someone else slowly pushed it ajar. She recognised the boy vaguely but her attention was drawn to what he carried. It was something Kimiko knew from movies as a shotgun. He wasn't looking but he fired anyway and Kimiko instinctively flinched and ducked. They made eye-contact with each other and before she could raise her gun he was gone, the door swinging closed and dropping the room back into darkness. The distraction caused by the boy with the shotgun led to Kimiko losing track of Caedyn, so she stayed where she was and waited, listening for any sign of life.
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