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It shouldn't have been like this. They should have hid. They shouldn't have gone out in the open, like Brendan wanted. But now there were people, people Maxim didn't know, people Maxim didn't care about. And there were consequences.

The first to show up was a girl who looked positively deranged. She had been the one to interrupt Maxim's counter-conversation with Brendan and now he was concerned with her when he shouldn't be. It was one of Brendan's faults when it shouldn't be, especially in a situation like this. It was exactly why he'd redirected the conversation in the first place.

But that wasn't even the most frustrating part of this. There was someone else, a girl, someone who Maxim wasn't even sure if Brendan knew or not, watching them. He didn't like this, not anymore. He was fine with this being just between the two of them, but now there was so many people there.

Especially that third one over there that Brendan noticed-


There was no way of telling right now whether it was effective, but it didn't stop Maxim from hitting the ground. They were so close together, the gunshots so loud, Maxim felt like his stomach was in his throat again.

But in a moment, it stopped. The gunshots were gone, and so was the source.

And so was Brendan.

"Brendan? Brendan!" Maxim yelled to a beach empty of Brendan. The only people left were the two girls, and just like the first day Maxim had no reason to stick around with them.

He shouldered his bag and sprinted towards where the other two boys disappeared.

Brendan was not going to die like this.

((Maxim Kehlenbrink continued elsewhere))
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