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((Alessio Rigano continued from Time flies when you have a gun))

And here is the place where he learned to kill.

This place was too familiar. Every time he entered this room, someone died. Coleen. Maria. Arthur.

But this time, he did not enter the room. No, he just opened the door to see that again, he'd meet people again. Real people.

He held the door open with his foot to use his hands to shoot into it. Then, he regretted the choice as he realised who was there.

Oh fuck, this was totally a disaster. Not only did he shoot at a killer, who he should not shoot, because she would kill other people for him. No, this killer was fucking dangerous.

Alessio ran away faster than before and his arms hurt from carrying the shotgun while running. Fucking wound.

His arm.

He was hoping no one was running behind him

((Alessio Rigano in Minus Something))
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