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((Kimiko Kao continued from Resident Evil))

She was alone again. Kimiko wasn't going to lie to herself, it was better this way. The path of least resistance meant going through as few people as possible. If she stayed by herself, alone in the dark she reduced all potential risk to nothing for practical purposes. She was sat in the dark of the storage closet, the cold hard floor providing little comfort and making her wounds and bruises ache. Her only companions being the corpses that had already been present and the spiders that she knew lived out of reach. The rest of the day had passed with no incident and she had found herself slowly drifting off. The nightmares had welcomed her with open arms and she had woken soaked in sweat. After that she had continued to quietly sit and think about her plan for the rest of the game.

The announcement had both served to bring her back to reality and give her an idea of the time. She listened to all the name of the fallen but her attention was more focused on their killers. She needed to know who was a potential threat and who wasn't. Hearing Isabel's name came as a surprise to Kimiko; in a way, she had been expecting to meet her again it had felt almost predetermined. She exhaled bitterly, the fact she felt self-important enough to even think in that way disgusted her a little. Isabel's death and the manner of how it had happened shouldn't have been a surprise to her. Isabel had been acting like a wild animal for the entirety of the time they had been on the island. The result of that had always been inevitable.

It served as a warning.

People would want to find her and get revenge for their friends eventually. Kimiko knew she needed to be aware of the potential danger someone like that posed to her. She had no friends or allies left. She only had herself to rely on and now that she had accepted it that was alright.

Kimiko stayed where she was sitting; fingers tapping gently on the gun she had taken from Nancy. There would come a point when she would have to leave her hiding place but until then Kimiko was fine taking refuge in the dark.
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