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Why'd have to be it in moments like those. Those moments when Johnny felt some vague sort of happiness. Not a deal of peace or stability, but a bout of success - perhaps unwarranted or maybe not - that he'd had to be hit with questions like that.

He didn't know, of course, because it was a meaningless idea to ponder in the first place. All Johnny was left with was a sense of things being 'unfair' or 'annoying', but he knew he'd have no outlet to deal with them. Not in a place like he was in now.

"Well, gotta fill my big to-do-list now that I got ya, huh?"

Finding Raina turned out to be a hassle although Johnny guessed he couldn't claim ignorance. There was some greater sort of ideas playing around, and Raina wanted him to follow along. Speak now, stay silent then. Ah, way too much - way too much to think on and to act on and all Johnny wanted was to live the rest of his days in peace.

He shrugged. The world's final sign for hearty apathy.
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