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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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The door to the observation room opened. And Jasmine Reed peeked her head out.

(Jasmine Reed continued from crushcrushcrush.)

Caedyn was gone. They split up before this. While Jasmine had told Kay that she was going off to look for surprise, somebody had her ear and convinced her otherwise. And, as it turned out, Jasmine wasn't the only one lying.The last time Caedyn went off on her own she ended up killing someone. Kay said that it was all justified - self-defense, wasn't her fault. But Jasmine wasn't sure. She doubted Caedyn. And it was a good thing too, because Caedyn killed Jeremy Frasier and she smiled while she did it. At least, Jasmine imagined she was smiling. Nobody says Jerebear and not smile.

Jasmine did not feel sympathy for Jeremy. She didn't feel bad for him. It sounded like he was kind of an asshole, Caedyn told her all about him back home. A small part of her wished she could have met him before he died, because he wanted to hear about what happened. He sounded genuine about wanting closure, too. But that wasn't going to keep her up at night. She didn't even feel bad for Fiyori either. She didn't know her, so why should she care?

No. It was all about Caedyn.

"It's coming down to the wire Jazzy" Caitlyn said.

Jasmine mumbled a begrudging, "I know", as she shouldered her bag. She kind of wished Fiyori didn't take all of Jeremy's stuff. That bag was, like, filled to the brim with stuff. But it was alright, no big deal. She still had Caedyn.

"You can only bang on so many surfaces before it gets boring," Caitlyn said. She was sitting cross-legged on the desk in the observation room, hands in her lap. "You know that, right?"

"I know."

Caitlyn sneered. "The honeymoon's over,"

"... I know."

"Yeah. You say you know, but what are you doing? You're clinging to her like a stupid puppy Jazzy! This - " her bestest friend pointed into the room, into the corpse that used to be JereBear, "- is gonna be you if you don't smarten up! There's only so much I can do you for Jazzy. If you're want to go home, if you want to see your family again, you need to start listening to me."

Jasmine thought about it. She had thought about it, before, when it was just her and Kay, and when it was just herself and her thoughts and that included her bestest friend ever. But it was only now that Jasmine was truly, one-hundred percent considering it. She turned her head to look at Caitlyn and gave a terse nod. Caedyn loved her, Jasmine believed that, but Caedyn was also a liar. She had been ignoring that, excusing it all this time.

Could Jasmine kill her best friend?

She still didn't know. The question was too complicated for a simple yes/no.

Could Jasmine's best friend kill her?

The answer was yes. Yes they very well could.

(Jasmine Reed continued in Takao.)

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